Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are Humans Being Used As Lab Rats In A Genetic Engineering Experiment?

Indeed, the writing is on the wall and screaming out trying to tell us that we are all being used as human lab rats, and without our consent, in one of the biggest uncontrolled scientific experiments in history! Evidence is all around us showing us that agri-biotech companies are genetically engineering food that is to be fed to us for the purpose of transforming us into genetically modified organisms.

To date there are 81 food items listed on the FDA's List of Completed Consultations on Bioengineered Foods some of which include corn, soybeans, cotton, potatoes, tomatoes, and squash. Yet, this list is far from comprehensive since at present in the U.S., agri-biotech companies are not required to obtain FDA approval for GM foods. In fact, under current FDA policy companies need only "voluntarily" seek FDA consultation and adhere to FDA recommendations following the consultation. Even more compelling is that because many GM foods are "substantially equivalent" to non-GM foods and are whole foods rather than food additives, they are not subject to FDA regulation, which means that only processed foods are being regulated.

So what this means is that we are being scared and manipulated into eating more processed foods. Why? Because consuming such foods ultimately lead to obesity and an increase in health problems, which equates to more dollars being spent on medicine and cosmetics, all of which are industries being "regulated" by the FDA. Thus, the writing is on the wall and democracy has a new face and its called genetic engineering. It's becoming more and more evident all around us.

When capitalism dictates the direction of science its called technological advancement. When increased revenues take precedence over the value of human life its called free enterprise and when corporations are allowed to go unregulated to dictate the very essence of life through DNA manipulation its called genocide. That said, since humans don't classify as whole foods, what does the future hold for us if there is no regulation of what is being done to us?

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